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    Airplane SeatsThe great airline fee boom that first kicked off in 2008 is undoubtedly here to stay – it’s afforded a big-time budget boost to domestic airlines, morphing into ever-larger and stranger manifestations over the last couple of years. It’s little wonder then that air travelers might find themselves in need of a little refresher course on navigating the à la carte menu in the sky – if you’re not careful, a slew of what were once-free amenities can really drive up the total cost of your trip. But there are ways to put a cap on costs for domestic flights, with just a little advance planning: Read on for our expert tips on avoiding airline fees. Dodge attempts to be nickel-and-dimed on bottled water (yes, water!), pillows, headsets, and even sitting in an aisle seat by planning ahead. While the sky seems to be the limit on what they’ll charge for next, the restrooms and airsickness bags remain free . . . for now. Download our Domestic Airline Fees chart for a quick-and-easy guide to the current luggage and in-flight fees being levied by airlines.

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