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    britishairways-resize.jpgFirst off, I have to say I can’t believe I am heading off to the rather exotic capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria. This trip is a cultural one to learn more about Bulgaria – a country bordering Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, and Macedonia – and the Balkan region.

    Getting to Sofia requires a connecting flight, and British Airways offers good, timely connections. For those who haven’t flown recently on British Airways, I encourage you to do so. I took my flight recently to London en route to Sofia.


    Traveling BA, one notices right away the new, well-decorated cabins. Business class has beds reclining almost flat. Economy is also a bit more spacious than other carriers. Staff is exceptionally courteous, which is rare these days in flying. The food was very good. And most important, this flight was on time.


    Landing in London required taking a bus to the terminal, which is rather odd for a major airport hub. But coming upon Terminal 5 made it all worthwhile. This is one gem of a terminal – airy, modern, luxe, and easy to navigate. You don’t mind spending a couple of hours in transit here. First of all, half of High Street is here with Harrods, Burberry, Tiffany, Gucci, and more. Moreover, the restaurants are decidedly high end (no fast food here), including one by Gordon Ramsey.

    There are also BA showers available in the first or business class lounge. That’s a nice benefit for connecting after an overnight flight.

    Overall, the entire BA experience was exceptional. I’m ready to book a future flight via London.

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