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    Vdara Las VegasThe shiny new Vdara ( hotel in Las Vegas boasts a sleek, curved glass exterior. Is it architecturally impressive? Yes. Does the powerful desert sun reflect off the glass and into the pool area scorching hotel guests like ants under a magnifying glass? Uh, yes. The hotel’s architects did anticipate problems resulting from the intense glare that beams off the concave façade, and, as a precautionary measure, they draped a film over most of the building’s windows to counter the effect. Unfortunately, the film is no match against Nevada’s sizzling rays (or the “death ray” as hotel employees call it). Even with umbrellas and SPF, laying by the pool in one of the bona fide “hot spots” means you might walk away looking like a lobster. The “death ray” has reportedly melted plastic bags so you can imagine the effect it could have on human skin. Come to think of it, the cast of The Jersey Shore just might have found their heaven.

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