queen_elizabeth.pngThere’s no doubt which new ship is stealing the limelight from the rest of the 2010 rookies. In an unrivaled move in this nautical game of chess, Cunard has unveiled that the Queen herself will be naming its latest vessel (the Queen Elizabeth). The naming ceremony will take place on October 11 in Southampton, England, and on October 12 the ship will make her official debut on a 12-night maiden voyage to the Canary Islands (which sold out in just 29 minutes). It’s only fitting that Her Majesty name the new Queen Elizabeth, as she was present in September 1939 for the launch of the original Queen Elizabeth. Although times have changed, Cunard’s ships continue to capture a chapter of maritime history full of sophistication, romance, and adventure on the high seas.

Elizabeth is being modeled after her sister ship, the Queen Victoria, with a few notable changes. The signature Todd English restaurant is being replaced with the Verandah, a new dining venue that’s a throwback to that of the original Queen Elizabeth – which was only available to first class passengers. The new ship also marks a return to the Yacht Club, a passenger favorite that went into retirement with the QE2. The last major highlight is a sports deck with paddle tennis and artificial grass for croquet.


For more information. Visit www.cunard.com.

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