globesuitecase.jpgROUTE          globesuitecase.jpgAIRLINE       globesuitecase.jpgSTARTS
New York to Guayaquil, Ecuador       AeroGal                          12-7-09
Atlanta to Nassau, Bahamas            AirTran                            12-17-09
Orlando to Aruba                             AirTran                            12-19-09
Rome to Düsseldorf, Germany          easyJet                            2-1-10
London to Hamburg, Germany          easyJet                            2-20-10
Des Moines to Orlando                    AirTran                             2-11-10
Santa Ana, Calif. to Maui                 Continental                       3-7-10
Denver to Washington, D.C.             Southwest                        3-14-10
Newark to Munich                           Continental                       3-27-10
Chicago to Honolulu                        American                         4-6-10
New York to San José, Costa Rica     American                       4-6-10
Chicago to Rome                               United                           5-1-10
Charlotte, N.C., to Rome                   US Airways                     5-13-10

From the Feb/March 2010 issue of Sherman’s Travel magazine.

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