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home-for-the-next-couple-days.jpgWhile many flock to Caribbean islands for their annual vacations, savvy travelers are heading to Central America to experience pristine beaches and tropical rainforests for a fraction of the cost. Our editors have spotted some impressive deals on flights to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and more from as little as $194 round-trip – with taxes included! Use our Quicksearch! tool to find these unadvertised low fares. Travel is valid from March through May, however fares can disappear at any time.

Round-Trip Sample Fares (with Taxes) Include:

•    Miami–San Pedro Sula, Honduras: $194
•    Fort Lauderdale–Guatemala City: $234
•    Chicago–San Jose, Costa Rica: $245
•    New York–Guatemala City: $254
•    Orlando–San Jose, Costa Rica: $263
•    New York–San Pedro Sula, Honduras: $264
•    Washington D.C. –Panama City: $289
•    Boston–San Pedro Sula, Honduras: $268
•    Detroit–San Jose, Costa Rica: $292
•    Orlando–Panama City: $296
•    Baltimore–San Jose, Costa Rica: $334
•    Chicago–Managua, Nicaragua: $327
•    Los Angeles–Panama City: $454
•    And more!


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