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    Coffee on PlaneMost of us who have had to fork over a buck or two for bottled water or coffee on US Airways – the only major domestic airline to implement such a charge (back in August of 2008) – would agree that it was one of the hardest of the new “à la carte” airlines fees to swallow. Happily, the airline announced today that, beginning March 1, it will reinstate complimentary beverages on all of its flights. Now, if we could only get them to reconsider those $5 charges for headsets . . . or their newly established $7 charge for pillow-and-blanket sets (gasp!).

    Read our Top 10 Ways to Avoid New Airline Fees for tips on navigating your way around the à la carte menu in the sky.


    Readers – which of the new batch of “à la carte” airlines fees irks you the most? Share here. 

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