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    editedtitanic-in-dock.jpgPeople have always had a fascination with the legendary RMS Titanic, and now Fred Olsen cruises is allowing passengers to go back in time to that fateful day to relive the famous ocean crossing (only without the whole iceberg thing). April 12, 2012 will mark the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, and even though there’s still three years to go, tickets are already on sale for the 12-night cruise aboard the Fred Olsen Balmoral that will follow the same path as Titanic, from Southampton to New York City.

    Why the Balmoral? Would Cunard’s brand new Queen Elizabeth – which launches in 2010 be a better choice? It certainly has the look, but Fred Olsen has ties to Harland and Wolff – the company that built the original Titanic. During the ocean crossing, the Balmoral will offer cuisine that matches the menus of yesteryear, musical entertainment from that era, and historians who are fluent with the story of Titanic, beyond the tale of Kate and Leo.


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