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ScorpionMany of us remember 2006’s total flop, Snakes on a Plane, but this summer, creepy critters have been moving off the silver screen for real-life sightings on recent EgyptAir and Southwest Airlines flights. The most recent and shocking of these incidents was the appearance of an escaped baby crocodile (though other reports have dubbed it a desert lizard) on an Egyptair flight last week, which, airline sources speculate, must have crawled out of a passenger’s illicit carry-on luggage – needless to say, panic ensued on the flight from the United Arab Emirates.

A similar incident occurred on Southwest Airlines earlier in July when a passenger was stung by a stowaway scorpion while his flight soared over the Midwest. With this troubling trend in airline travel we savvy flyers are left to wonder what’s next. Perhaps a “Mile-High Dangerous Wildlife Viewing Club”? This blogger, for one, hopes to avoid membership.


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