guestdoorsopen2.jpgHere’s something you don’t see everyday in the more-is-more amenity world: As part of a limited-time offer, the Rancho Bernardo Inn, an upscale golf resort in San Diego, is letting guests sacrifice amenities in exchange for a discounted room rate. Pretty novel, right? Called the Survivor package, the offer includes deluxe accommodations and breakfast for two and starts at $219. And from there? Forgo the honor bar (BYOB) and the price drops to $179. Loose the sheets (BYO…S) and it plunges to $109. Willing to brave SoCal’s summer heat sans A/C? You’re looking at $159.

Want to know the very lowest you can go? (It’s sort of shocking).

Relinquish the bed and the room costs a whopping $19. Would any of you ever do this? (If so, you’d better jump on it—the offer expires June 15, though it’ll run again August 16-31).


What amenities would you go without in order to save some serious bucks? As they say, desperate times…

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