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    oasis-of-the-seas-fireboat.JPGI flipped on the car radio this morning as I was cruising down Ocean Drive heading for Port Everglades, and it was the talk of every morning announcer. The largest cruise ship ever would be arriving in Fort Lauderdale any minute after a rocky ocean crossing that had delayed its initial arrival.

    I stepped on the gas.

    As I approached the port, I could easily tell where the ship was arriving by the herds of passengers gathering on the top decks of other cruise ships trying to get a birds-eye view. I parked the car, hopped out and was immediately hit with the ocean spray from several fire boats escorting the Oasis of the Seas into the United States.


    At 20 stories tall, the ship towers nearly half the height of the smokes stacks in the port – easily dwarfing her fellow cruise liners. In fact, I could not capture Oasis in her entirety in my camera lens and had to take a video instead. Take a look, but you have to see it first hand to believe it.


    I’ll be onboard next Friday, November 20 to give you a sneak preview inside this floating metropolis.

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