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JetBlue 2Sure, in this “sky is falling” economy, throwing down dough on plane tickets and vacations can feel a wee bit like throwing money to the wind – especially if you’re worried, like so many Americans, about the possibility of losing your job. JetBlue has clearly heard the cry of the wary consumer, with their new JetBlue Promise Program assuring customers “lose your job and we’ll refund your flights.” The premise is simple: if you’re laid off between the time you purchase your tickets and the time of your scheduled flight, the airline will issue you a full reimbursement. The policy is in effect through June 1, but note that it can not be retroactively applied to already-booked itineraries. Also keep in mind that the airline must be notified of your refund request at least 14 days in advance of travel – and that proof will be required.

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