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    hotelicopter_terminal_sm.jpgNews broke late last month about the world’s first flying hotel, dubbed The Hotelicopter, and its inaugural flight this coming June. Seemed pretty awesome and the fancy website (note: we swear, the original web address did not include ‘april fools’ in the URL) with video footage of the helicopter-cum-hotel in flight convinced me that this aviation history in the making was indeed blog worthy. Thankfully, I was a little late on the uptake and had yet to post the item when fellow Sherman’s blogger informed me that the whole hotelicopter hoopla was a hoax! The fake 5-star copter was a genius April fools’ joke, orchestrated by the folks behind Yotel (notice the helicopter’s interiors bear a striking resemblance to that of a Yotel), and it had the travel industry tweeting away. The hotelicopter also got a large public following on facebook and twitter. Well done Yotel.  

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