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2683932406_f1b606e53f_m1.jpgThese days, you just can’t lie like you used to. The words you speak may be “I was on a business trip,” but your Twitter page, Facebook status, and out of office message indicate otherwise. If you think you’ve got what it takes, there is one place where liars are welcome, and the better the bluff, the richer you become. All you need is a bit of luck, and a ticket on a Carnival cruise.

Each year Carnival Cruise Lines hosts the PokerPro Challenge on select cruises, but this year everyone can get in on the action – the tournament takes place on all of Carnival’s cruises through October. The entry fee is $150, but beginners beware: this Texas Hold’em tournament is no limits, so you could end playing with some high rollers that may call your bluff. The winners of the preliminary round can continue on to compete in the “Grand Final” cruise in January on the Carnival Freedom, for a total cash prize of $25,000.


Ante up.

For more information about Carnival’s PokerPro Challenge 2009 visit

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