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sleeproomsatlanta.jpgNeed to catch some shut-eye before your red-eye? Earlier this week, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (the nation’s busiest) introduced brand new sleep rooms for fatigued fliers. Located in Concourse B and operated by Minute Suites, the 7×8-foot rooms offer day bed couches, fresh blankets, and plush pillows (with disposable cases) – providing a relaxing respite from tossing and turning on uncomfortable gate seats beneath the harsh glare of florescent lights. Once settled in, you can even kiss jarring intercom announcements goodbye, as each room’s “sound masking” design insulates noise from the bustle outside, while a “napware” audio system plays tranquil, sleep-inducing tunes. With WiFi, desks, phones, and HD televisions that double as Internet stations and flight-tracking monitors, rooms also act as handy makeshift offices for business travelers or those looking to kill time during a delayed flight. At $30 for the first hour ($7.50 for each additional 15 minutes), you’ll have to pay a steep price for the privacy, but we’re liking this stylish innovation in airport-napping nonetheless.

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