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    Halfway across the world, Air New Zealand is putting their own spin on “grinning and baring it.” Indeed, as other airlines struggle to balance their budgets and shed unnecessary staff, this innovative and daring company is shedding something else altogether, as revealed in the launch of their cheerful and refreshing new ad campaign. Their “Nothing to Hide” ad and “Bare Essentials of Safety” in-flight video, introduced last Monday, feature Air New Zealand employees in immaculate uniforms – that are entirely painted on. The ad invites leery travelers to hop onboard and secure low fares that, like certain Air New Zealand employees, have “nothing to hide” (in short, there are no additional hidden fees). The buzz-generating campaign brings a saucy, lighthearted attitude to an industry that has been mired in dismal revenue losses and cutbacks, asking travelers to choose Air New Zealand for their cheeky simplicity and quirky sense of humor as much as for their transparent pricing.

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